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Everyone knows Santa Claus, the white-bearded old man whos comes from Korvatunturi. He also has a number of bases around of Finland.
Have you ever stopped to wonder what Santa Claus does during his holiday season?

Once the work up at Arctic Circle has been finished, Santa Claus relaxes in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings in the middle of the lake environment in Korpilampi, Espoo.

The white-bearded man warmly welcomes you to his hideaway cottage that is not like any other cottage. By the fireplace Santa Claus shares stories about the gone summers in Korpilampi. Santa says he remembers perfectly well at least 150 summers that he has spent here. This is as far as he has got in his memoirs, as he always falls asleep in the middle of the storytelling!

Santa Claus also has an authentic smoke sauna - the heart of Finnish tradition.
This sauna, heated with the sauna elf's compassion, is cherished by Santa Claus and the elves.
The sauna has always been a sacred place for Finns, and the sauna elf makes sure that sauna peace is respected in the sauna.
In the ancient times also the deceased got their share of the Christmas sauna. The last person to leave the sauna threw water on the heated stones on behalf of them. The Christmas sauna had to be taken early, before the Christmas Eve meal.

Even today most Finns take a Christmas sauna before Santa delights the family's little ones with gifts.

In the summertime you may spot Santa rowing his wooden boat on the calm pond. "I sure hope the boat elf has remembered to tar the flat-bottom rowboat with care. You never know about the elves", Santa utters while stroking his beard.

Rowing on the pond is, in fact, Santa's favorite activity. Nothing is as soothing as the lap of water against the side of the boat and the chirping of swallows in the bright blue sky.

The boat elf is responsible for building and taking care of the wooden boat. The boat repaired by the elf has been handmade in the scent of resin and tar, and it represents the authentic folklore of the land of thousands lakes.  



Santa´s Cottage Korpilampi is one of Espoo's main tourism products for domestic and foreign tourists.
In cooperation with Santa Claus Foundation, Visit Espoo, Hotel Korpilampi and
Honkalintu Ltd.