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Finnish nature provides experiences all round the year. 
Enjoy nature in connection with conference and training events, with good friends or bring your foreign business clients here. Honkalintu has got two transportable traditional Lappish kota tents providing space for up to 100 people.

During the cookery course our chef with their team teaches the group to prepare traditional foods over open fire, such as salmon and potatoes cooked beside embers, onions, wild mushroom soup and Finnish flat bread. For dessert we make flamed pancakes and prepare coffee in a pot over open fire.

Each participant will have an apron and a chef hat at their disposal during the course. The idea of this event is to have good time together while planning and preparing the meal. While enjoying the meal, each group in their turn tell others how they prepared the food, and which were the ingredients used. This is a very popular program and meals have been excellent every time. So we have proved wrong the old proverb about spoiling the broth.

Come and enjoy Honkalintu chef’s delicious program on its own or as a part of another event!